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Ch I: The Battle for the Crown of the South

Titans marched into The Bold City on January seventh, 2023. They arrived on the back of their Juggernaut named King Henry. They arrived wearing The Divisional Crown, stating they were champions of the South. But they arrived battered from battles of defeat for seven weeks on end. They lost their chief archer in the process. These Titans were still not to be trifled with. They intended to protect the Crown and use it to open a hidden gate. This magical gate is known across the land for leading to three more hidden gates which grow in stature. They only appear one way, by winning the battle. The Jaguars Guild stepped foot on the battlefield to meet the Titans in the trenches. Both Guilds set up camp on opposite sides of the hundred-yard field. Destiny beckoned; winner takes all, loser sees their journey fade away.

Both armies took shots back and forth in rapid succession. The Jaguars defense bent but refused to break as the Titans launched a bomb. The bomb was designed to steal energy from the opposing camp. It traveled through the rafters, which stood over the Jaguar Guild’s camp, taking minuscule resources away from the Jaguars. The Jaguars Guild launched arrows in retaliation as they pushed through the Titans lines. The Jaguars Guild offensive gathered steam, but a miscue while handing off their bomb on the battlefield allowed the Titans to recover it and use the ammunition against the Bold City’s warriors.

The enormous Titan, Juggernaut King Henry, broke through the Jaguars lines. He ferociously clubbed an influential Guild member named Rayshawn in the process. Rayshawn got sent backward with great force as he uncontrollably landed on the ground. This event set up an opportunity for the Titans to launch the bomb into the Jaguars camp. The Jaguars lost a surge of resources from their camp. A small celebration ensued. The Titans were winning the fight, and they knew it. But the Jaguars had something to say.

A brave warrior of the Jaguars Guild, named Agnew, received the bomb and quickly pushed through the battle while taking the bomb fifty-four yards. The city chanted, “DUUUVAL.” This war cry motivated the Jaguars to launch arrows at the Titans. The Titans struggled to defend themselves against the barrage that allowed the Jaguars to press closer to the Titans camp. The chief archer of the Jaguars, Trevor the Lawgiver, saw his opportunity as he pulled his bow back and launched a bomb-tipped arrow into the Titans camp. It was plucked from the air by another Jaguar named Kirk. He detonated the bomb in the Titans camp and walked out of the flames. The Guild got a huge surge of power in return.

The battle was well underway. The Titans and the Jaguars Guild were nearing a rest from fighting. A cease-fire is always called midway through the battle for the Guilds to regroup and strategize a new battle plan. The Titans chose to attack hard before the cease-fire. Once again, the Jaguars defended with honor. They braced with all their might and refused to let their ranks break. The Jaguars Guild forced the Titans to put the bomb through the rafters of the camp instead of sending it into the fortified camp. The horn signaled to cease fire.

During the cease-fire, a tally was compiled to account for the precious resource used to power the magical gate. The Titan’s attack on the Guild had allowed them to steal thirteen points worth of power for the gate, while the Jaguars Guild had only gathered seven points worth of energy. The Jaguars Guild had to devise a plan to secure more resources from their enemy- and they did.

When the cease-fire ended, arrows flooded the sky. The Jaguars Guild rained arrows into the Titans defenses. A relentless storm struck the Titans by surprise. The Jaguars launched a bomb through the Titan’s rafters to increase their power. The Titans camp was slowly burning down, but they didn’t know. They were too distracted in the trenches. With their backs against the camp, the Titans let a bomb-tipped arrow fly. A fearless Jaguar, Tyson Campbell, recognized this attack and jumped into action to intercept the bomb in mid-air. His Guild members rallied behind him and swiftly stole more resources from the Titans. The Titan’s camp was engulfed in flames and burning to ashes along with their seasonal journey. They were too transfixed on the Jaguars defensive ranks, who were clobbering them, to put out the fire.

In an ugly slug fest, the Titans tried one last time to send a bomb toward the Jaguars camp. Rayshawn had other plans as he used the speed of a jaguar to lung and stripped the bomb from the enemy. The bomb tumbled through the air as the world watched a Jaguars Guild Knight, J’Allen, snatched it from the air and sprint full speed into the Titan’s camp. He detonated it, and the explosion sent a shockwave across the battlefield, turning the Titans into ash. J’Allen stood in the center of the rubble with the Divisional Crown on his head. The Jaguars Guild stole all the power they needed for passage through the gate. The ground quaked, and a magnificent bronze gate appeared from the field’s surface. The entrance was glowing yellow and it sparked bolts of blue lightning. The Jaguars Guild packed up their camp and traveled through the gate.  

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