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The Jaguars Road to The Super Bowl: Epilogue

A divine city was born through the ashes of 1901’s Great Fire. Eventually becoming known as The Bold New City of The South. Jacksonville, FL, USA. This is the home of our heroes who started their journey not so long ago, in 1995. This is the story of the Jaguar’s Guild, gladiators, on a marvelous pilgrimage to The Super Bowl.
Long before the existence of the Jaguars Guild, there was an awakening of a great force. It was come to be known as The Super Bowl. Many Guilds of gladiators took the arduous path, year after year, toward the Super Bowl. Most, however, fall long before the final journey. Some Guilds succumb to injury, while others simply lose too many battles to push forward. It is rife with strong warriors known as opponents. These opponents will stop at nothing to protect their chances at the trophies that the Super Bowl yields.
Those who enter the Super Bowl must escape the clutches of defeat by fighting tooth and nail. Only those who come out victorious in the fight verse evil are awarded spectacular riches. A trophy that magically dissolves shame and grants magnificent strength to the beholder and the people of the beholder’s city. The second award is a set of rings so mighty that only the gladiators of the Guild can wear them.
The Jaguars Guild has attempted the pilgrimage to The Super Bowl for twenty-seven years. And for twenty-seven long years, the people of The Bold City have waited patiently for their heroes to return triumphant. Many seasons have come and gone now. The city has grown weak without the power of The Super Bowl. Some say The Bold City is the laughingstock of the Nation of Football Guilds, while others called to disband the Guild from the city. The original heroes of the Jaguars Guild have since retired in their elderly age or been banished away.
The faces of the heroes have changed. Whispers in the air fill the city with faith, “It was always the Jags,” they are saying. This is a new Guild. They bear the same name, The Jaguar Guild, but something feels different about them. Strong leaders have emerged on both sides of the ball. The Bold City has created weapons. Powerful weapons. This is the beginning of a new era. “DUUUVAL,” they chant, marching into battle.


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